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Bestselling Author, Brand Architect and Podcaster

Ani Alexander

Hey there - I’m Ani Alexander and I’ve been through all the struggles you have now. I was creating content online that no one noticed. No one knew who the hell I was…I spend endless hours and money on different courses and other resources. I tried different approaches… but nothing worked… and I too, was ready to give up.But then, after making more mistakes and doing more experiments, I figured it out.I became a bestselling author, launched online business and started a podcast. In one year I ended up with engaged and loyal audience of 10k podcast listeners, I interviewed awesome people I followed such as James Altucher, Pat Flynn, Peter Shankman, Chris Brogan and many others. I also became known among different communities around the world.I want you to have similar results, that is why I decided to present you with this program which will help you get from where you are now to where you are trying to get.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Most Common Mistakes that Podcasters make

    • Wrongest reason to start a podcast

    • What you should NOT focus on

    • Podcaster mistake #1

    • Podcaster mistake #2

    • Podcaster mistake #3

  • 3

    Podcast Content - What, How, When

    • The key to your podcast success

    • YOU in your content

    • Keeping the balance in your content

    • Consistency in your podcast

    • Sound editing (how much is too much)

  • 4

    Make your podcast visible

    • iTunes New & Noteworthy (and how to get featured there)

    • How to reach more listeners

    • Increasing your podcast's exposure

    • podcast distribution by Libsyn

  • 5

    Interview Shows

    • How to choose who to interview for your podcast

    • How to get big name guests on interview

    • How to make sure your interviews stay fresh and interesting

  • 6

    Promoting and marketing your podcast

    • Promoting your podcast on Twitter (hack)

    • How to Choose the Right Hashtags (hack)

    • Creating anticipation for your upcoming podcast episode

  • 7

    Podcast and your business

    • Growing your e mail list with your podcast

    • Podcast monetization strategies

  • 8

    Final words

    • Thank you!

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